The Home Connectivity Alliance was established in 2021 with the mission to provide consumers with more options within a safe, secure and interoperable connected home ecosystem.

  • Continuously innovate to deliver simple and elegant experiences with a passion for customer understanding within a holistic connected home environment.
  • Lead and Define the smart home landscape by leveraging our members’ deep rooted expertise in the consumer electronics space.
  • Promote consumer safety within an interoperable connected home environment.

Mission and Goals

Consumer Choice and Options

  • Provide consumers more convenience and options through Interoperability
  • Devices work seamlessly across brands
  • Remove “walled garden”

Consumer Safety and Data Security

  • Complex devices require the expertise of manufacturers who have a history of understanding and addressing consumers’ needs at home
  • Never compromise consumer trust and safety
  • Reduce additional points of failure (3rd party)
  • Protect consumer data privacy

Innovation and Competition

  • Drive innovation through collaboration with Government agencies and other trade alliances
  • Foster innovation in the connected home space through competition
  • Best ideas rise to the top

Organization Structure

The Home Connectivity Alliances leverages a clearly defined structure to facilitate interoperability, promote consumer safety, and drive innovation. The Board of Directors, with the support of our legal advisors and officers, defines our strategic direction, establishes our operating budget, and gives final approval on key decisions and Working Group proposals.

Home Connectivity Alliance Working Groups

Marketing Working Group

  • Examines new use cases, proposes new scenarios, and identifies associated functional requirements.

  • Manages the Alliance brand and use of the logos, and also guides the Alliance’s external efforts to further interoperability.

  • Coordinates strategy for coexistence with other Alliances, government bodies and advises on topics relating to regulatory issues.

Technical Working Group

  • Develops all data model-related technical specifications

  • Ensure a collaborative yet structured approach to technical discussions and decision-making.

Certification Working Group

  • Develops test specifications, policies, and processes relating to certification.

  • Oversees the activities of Authorized Test Labs (ATLs).

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