Frequently Asked Questions

The Home Connectivity Alliance is a member driven organization that was incorporated in September 2021. With the goal of creating Cloud to Cloud interoperability across brands, the Home Connectivity Alliance promotes more choice and convenience for consumers. Leveraging the collective knowledge and experience from industry leaders (home appliance, HVAC and TV manufacturers), the Home Connectivity Alliance also promotes safety and security within the connected home space. Founding members include Electrolux AB, Haier Appliances, Samsung Electronics, and Trane US, Inc.

Many manufacturers provide connected devices that are only compatible within one brand’s platform. For example, a consumer may purchase a connected washer and dryer from Brand A and benefit from features like notifications that alert the user when their wash or dry cycle is complete. Unfortunately, these notifications can only be enabled via Brand A’s platform. Interoperability enables consumers to purchase a washer from Brand A and a dryer from Brand B (or vice versa) and still receive the convenient wash or dry cycle completion notification either from Brand A’s platform or Brand B’s platform. The consumer can choose which platform they prefer to use. Furthermore, consumers are no longer “locked” into one brand but can purchase devices from other brands (based on their preference).

  • Visit our website and find out more about the Home Connectivity Alliance.
  • Review our governing documents
  • Submit a membership application
  • Pay membership fees

Home Connectivity Alliance offers two classes of membership. If your company would like to have a Board Seat and rights to approve new members as well as rights to approve policy, please consider the Sponsor level. Otherwise, the Participant level might be the right choice for your company.

Sponsor level members pay a low annual membership fee of $60,000 USD.

Participant level members pay an annual membership fee of $30,000 USD.

Membership participation starts once the application is approved and membership fees are paid.

The Home Connectivity Alliance will send you a renewal invoice up to 90 days in advance of your membership expiration. For more information, feel free to contact us at admin at