Current Members

Benefits of Membership


  • Exhibit thought leadership within the connected home ecosystem
  • Reduce barriers to innovation
  • Collaboration on data models
  • Gain access to technical resources


  • Influence connected home industry trends
  • Define connected home technology standards
  • Combat commoditization
  • Reduce dependency on 3rd party requirements


  • Promote members’ brand
  • Grow brand equity
  • Leverage Cross-Brand interoperability to increase sales
  • Leverage collective expertise across top brands

Membership Levels at a Glance

Membership BenefitSponsor LevelParticipant Level
Eligible for Board of Directors seat
Approval of Policy Guidelines
Approval of new members (75% required)
Participate in Work Groups
Access to HCA Common Data Models
Annual Membership Fee$60K$30K

Joining the Alliance in 3 Easy Steps.

Step 1: Review the Membership and Governing Documents.

  • Participation Agreement
  • IPR Policy
  • Bylaws

Step 2. Submit a Signed Participation Agreement.

Step 3. Remit the annual fees to the Home Connectivity Alliance.

  • Sponsor Level: $60,000 USD
  • Participant Level: $30,000 USD

Begin participating!

For any questions on the benefits or processing of membership applications, please Contact Us.